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Colorful Thunder User Guide

Shows how to use ColorfulThunder to edit the ColorNotes
Using ColorfulThunder on an iPhone

Colorful Thunder is an Experimental Low Fidelity musical color instrument. It makes sound with light and color and allows the individual to synch and share their color light pattern with friends and family.

How can you use ColorfulThunder for social sync-tasic fun?

Each color is assigned to the musical notes in a chord (A-B-C-D-E-F-G) so you can tell, text, or email a ColorTune to harmonize with others.

For example: E1-G3-A2 at 97

The results: The Emergence of the ColorolorfulThunder playing ColorNotes in harmony.

-Play your lights together-

Use this control to tune ColorfulThunder
Tuning control

Tuning instructions:

If ColorfulThunder gets out of tune, you can adjust it by going to the settings page and selecting the tuning button. If the button is green that means you should be in tune, red means out of tune. ColorfulThunder requires connection to the Internet to get in and stay in tune.